‘What I look for in a job? Of course the money.

But I also want to do what I really want. Not just what I must. And develop myself.’


‘The job reminds me of doing puzzles.

You get a picture, you have your elements and you just need to make it work.’



‘I’ve recently passed an internal exam for a machine operator.

If they see your potential they give you a chance to learn.’

‘I finally do what I want to do.

Sometimes there is a lot of pressure but you just have to organize your work.’


‘The place where I work is nice.

It’s about tech and people are kind.’


Looking for a job in production, logistics or technical sector? A job that can unlock your potential, give you a sense of stability, and opportunities to grow?
At Direct People our ambition is not to give you just any job, but a job you want to keep.

If you have your own accommodation in the region of Noord-Brabant, speak English, and are looking for a stable job, check our vacancies or get in touch.

If you want to know more about our recruitment process, read our FAQ section (also available in Polish).
If you want to know what it is like to work for our clients, read the stories of our employees.


Want to work with us?

We are currently looking for an E-Recruiter, an In-house Account Manager and an Account Manager with Polish. If you feel you can work with both our clients and our temporary employees check the vacancies and send us your application!


Who are Direct People?

We are a recruitment and temporary job agency located in Eindhoven specializing in technical, logistic, and production jobs.

We want to connect the best employers from  Noord-Brabant in the manufacturing business with employees from EU living in the region.

Check out who we are, what we look like, and how we can help you in the About Us section.

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Who works for us? – Meet our temps


We are proud of people who work for us. Currently we employ around 300 temps. They come from different countries Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and Lithuania, but share the same great work ethnics, speak good English or Dutch, and live in Eindhoven area.

You can check why they work for Direct People before you decide to apply for one of our jobs.

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Who we work for? – Meet our clients

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Companies that Direct People cooperates with  are often innovators and trendsetters in their branch.

Read more about the companies we work for and check which one suits you the most!

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