‘What I look for in a job? Of course the money.

But I also want to do what I really want. Not just what I must. And develop myself.’


‘The job reminds me of doing puzzles.

You get a picture, you have your elements and you just need to make it work.’



‘I’ve recently passed an internal exam for a machine operator.

If they see your potential they give you a chance to learn.’

‘I finally do what I want to do.

Sometimes there is a lot of pressure but you just have to organize your work.’


‘The place where I work is nice.

It’s about tech and people are kind.’



First day a new job is always stressful, because you don’t know what to expect. To help you prepare we asked a couple of our employees to tell us a bit about their job.

Most of the started like you. They came to a different country and had to find their way in a different environment. They have made it, and we are happy to be a part of this process. It means that you can make it too.

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works at Prodrive

My friend recommended me the job and I thought why not try. And then I loved it. I felt so motivated to go to work I was surprised with myself.

I’ve been working there for 7 months, when my team leader came to me and my colleague to tell us they are impressed with our work. Later he offered me a contract at the company. Of course it’s nice, but I wasn’t counting in it, so it was a nice surprise.

Now I will also become an introduction mentor to help our new workers learn.

How did I get the contract? I was just doing my job. I was always on time, responsible, and involved. That’s important. You can’t just wait for them to give you something to do. You need to go ask, learn new things, and be enthusiastic about it. That’s how they recognize a good employee.


works at VHE

What I look for in a job? Of course the money. It needs to be well paid. But I also want to do what I really want. Not just what I must. And develop myself.

When I was in my early twenties I went to Norway.I didn’t like it. It was cold, the work was not so nice. But it taught me a lot. It was an experience.

My friends advised me to come to the Netherlands. I wasn’t sure, but I gave it a try. Now I do what I really want: electronics assembly. The place where I work now is nice. It’s about quality, not about speed or pressure. And people listen to you. They want you to be involved. At my job my co-workers and I said something about the production line and the boss listened and changed it. And I am also satisfied with the money.

It’s ok to speak English, but it is a Dutch speaking company. Everybody speaks Dutch, but it’s good to me. It’s an experience, an opportunity to learn.

Paulina and Paweł

work at Buvo Castings

What is it like to work at Buvo? We cannot tell much, because most of the things that Buvo does is a secret. Sometimes they even ask us to lower the blinds to make sure nobody can look inside.

We can tell you that it’s hot. Not so great in summer, but in winter it’s nice.


I am a quality controller, so I mainly work with my eyes. I need to check if the products coming out of the machines meet the standards of our clients. Different clients have different standards so I have to keep that in mind. Then I have to move the products for packing. Some days are lighter, because the products I am checking are small and light, but sometimes the products are bigger and heavier and then I can really feel in my body I worked very hard on that day.


I work in internal logistics. My job is to provide materials for production and products for shipping. I also work a lot on a computer. Sometimes there is a lot of work and a lot of pressure, but you just have to organize your work. The best part of this job is that I do what I really want to do. It’s also close to our home, so we can cycle.


Works at GL Plastics

My first day at work for Direct People? It was Wednesday, mid-September. I was asked to come for an interview to the company. I wasn’t very enthusiastic, because it was a different company that my recruiter promised me during the job interview. But I decided to give it a chance and see what happens.

For the first 2 weeks I did simple production work. My supervisor, Jan, talked to me a lot to get to know me and make sure I know what to do. That was nice.

Now I am responsible for quality control and packing. Also I’ve recently passed an internal exam for a machine operator. If GL sees your potential, they give you a chance to learn and take an exam. It doesn’t matter if you are employed directly or via an agency. Right now they are also organizing a Dutch course for their employees, which I am looking forward to.

Of course it’s not always great. I have worse days too. But my family is my motivation. I know I am responsible for them and it helps me.

In general I like it here. I think life is cheaper here, but you need some financial discipline. Talking to people helps a lot, because that’s how you learn and find information. What I dislike about the Netherlands? The weather. It’s unpredictable. And they don’t have these small neighbourhood grocery shops, so even if you need one thing you have to go to a supermarket and stand in line.


Works at Neways

I’ve gone a long way with Direct People. I started with the vegetables, then I got a job at Prodrive, which led me here. So far I like it here the most. Maybe the lunches are not free, but our cooking ladies make sure we have a diversified and healthy diet. The company also organizes courses for their workers with certificates valid around the world. And I like the money. You get decent hourly pay to begin with, and then your team leader can decide to give you a pay rise during your yearly evaluation meeting.

The work is nice, because there is not much pressure on speed, but I think they could be more organized. It takes some time for a Dutch company to get used to foreign workers, and Neways is learning. The nice thing is that they want to learn. They include us in regular meetings with team leader, test team, and engineers, they introduce improvements, and they organize a Dutch course to help us communicate with each other. Dutch is very important in the company. All the instructions are in Dutch, and some people simply don’t speak English, so you have no choice but to speak Dutch.

Before I wasn’t very much interested in technical stuff, but I discovered I liked it. The other day I learned that movement sensors made in our company were used in the production of the game FIFA 16. Also  it’s a clean, warm, and well-paid job. But if you want to get this job, you need to know how to solder. It’s an absolute must.


works at Honeywell

Two years ago I started working for Direct People at Prodrive, but after a year there was no more work there. I called Direct People to ask if they would have some other job for me. It took them some time, around 2 weeks, but eventually they called me with this job offer and I’ve been working there ever since. It’s a bit similar to what I did at my previous job. It is also printed circuit board assembly, but here I have more variety. I am responsible for orders from the beginning till the end, including collecting the right components from the warehouse, quality control, and packing. The job reminds me of doing puzzles. You get a picture, you have your elements and you just need to make it work. I like it, because I’ve always been good at puzzles. It’s interesting.

I don’t have much contact with Direct People, because I don’t really have any problems. I do my job. They do their job. That’s good enough.