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Working at Direct People

Nieuws – 10 Apr 2021

Are you working for Direct People? We are happy you chose our job agency. Hopefully you have received all the important information during the recruitment process, but especially in the beginning some things can be unclear. Below you will find all the basics. If you have any other questions, you can always contact your account manager. We will do our best to provide you trustworthy information, and if necessary add it to our FAQ section.

First check our infographics. Here you can find the esselntial information about working with Direct People. If you still have questions, refer to FAQ section below.

Q: Who in the agency is my contact person and how do I get in touch with them?

At Direct People an account manager is your ultimate contact person. Your account manager is also responsible for communication with the company you work for, and your planning, so you can ask them anything work related.

After you get hired by Direct People you will receive a welcome email from your account manager. The email contains important information about using our work app Plan4Flex. In this email you will also find the name, email address and phone number of your account manager. Keep it. You will use it more often.

If for any reason your account manager changes, you will receive new contact data through Plan4Flex application.

In urgent matters, especially when you get sick and cannot go to work, call your account manager asap. If your account manager does not answer, send them a text message. It’s important that you include your name and surname in the text message, because your account manager might not have your telephone number on their mobile. In case of other questions, please send an email. Your account manager will get back to you within 48h. Once a week your account manager will visit the company you work for, if you prefer face-to-face conversation.

Q: When will I get paid for the first time?

You will get your first weekly payment in your 3rd week of employment on Friday. Afterwards, you will get paid every week on Friday.

Q: Do I have the right to paid holidays?

Yes. For every full month you work for Direct People you build up around 16h of paid holidays. Your holiday hours are reported on your pay slip under reserveringen, vak. dgn. (values are reported in hours).

Additionally, every employee receives holiday money, which amounts to 8% of your total earnings. You can check the saldo of your holiday money on your pay slip under reserveringen : vak. geld. Holiday money is paid once a year in June, in week 24. If you quit working for Direct People, the saldo of your holiday hours and holiday money is paid out within 6 weeks after you quit your work.

Q: How do I apply for holidays?

First of all you need to plan ahead. If you want to go for holidays longer than 1 week, we will need your request 6 weeks in advance. If you need just a couple of days off, you need to let us know 2 weeks in advance.

Every company Direct People cooperates with has their own procedure when it comes to holidays, but in most cases, you fill in a form and get approval from your team leader or supervisor. Once you have a signed form, send it to your account manager at Direct People by email.

Q: I have health insurance with Direct People. How does it work?

In the Netherlands you are obliged to have health insurance. You can choose to arrange your insurance individually or with Direct People. If you decide to arrange it with Direct People, there are several things you need to know. We offer basic, collective health insurance. The chosen health insurance provider is Holland Zorg. Premiums for the health insurance will be taken from your weekly pay, €22.02 per week.

Direct People is only able to pay your first premium after you receive your first payment, which is the 3rd week of your employment. This is when your health insurance starts covering your medical costs. If you need to go to the doctors before that, you will have to cover the costs yourself. Direct People will give you the money back after you send the bill from the doctor to your account manager.

Q: Where can I find my pay slip (loonstrook) and my annual statement (jaaropgave)?

All your documents, including payslips and the annual statement are available in your Plan4Flex app in Documents tab. Read P4F Beginner’s Guide. If you need to download or print the documents you can use this link to log into your app on your computer using the same login details.

Q: I think there is a mistake on my payslip (loonstrook). What do I do?

Sometimes mistakes happen. We are constantly improving to eliminate them, but it is a process, so if you notice a mistake on your pay slip, contact your account manager as soon as possible. You only have 3 days. It is very important that your account manager understands the problem, so send an email. In the subject state clearly the week number of your payslip. In the email explain what the mistake is. If possible, underline the mistake in your pay slip, take a photo, and attach it to the email. As in every case, your account manager will get back to you within 48h.

Q: How can I quit my job?

At Direct People we don’t really like this question, but we understand that everybody has the right to do what’s best for them. The contract you signed with Direct People excludes the provision on the temporary nature of employment, which means that you cannot quit anytime, but there are a couple of things you can do.

First, if your employment contract is renewed automatically every two weeks, you can just wait till the termination date. Inform your account manager that you will stop working for Direct People on the date your contract expires and you are free to go.

Second, quit according to the Article 15 of ABU CAO. Article 15 defines the notice periods for employment contracts with the exclusion of the provision on the temporary nature of employment. In general, the longer you work, the longer your notice period is. For contracts shorter than 3 months, it’s 7 calendar days. For contract between 3-6 months, 14 calendar days. For contracts longer than 6 months, 28 calendar days.

Third, get in touch with your account manager. We understand that sometimes your situation is urgent, especially if the Netherlands is your second country, and you left a big part in your life in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, or Portugal. The account manager might have a solution for you.

At Direct People we want to cooperate with our employees and be responsive to their needs, but we also have to care for our clients, because, after all, the clients are the jobs we are offering our employees. That’s why we include notice periods in our contracts. We need the time to find a person, who can replace you, so that our client can carry on business as usual.