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Starting at Direct People

Algemeen – 10 Apr 2021

Are you looking for a job? Would you like to know more about Direct People, before you decide to apply for one of our jobs? We strongly encourage you to check the FAQ before you apply. At Direct People it is important for us that you know what you are getting into. We also believe that the more you know the better the cooperation between you and Direct People will be. If you have any other questions, please contact us. We will gladly respond to your questions.

Q1: Do Direct People offer jobs all around the Netherlands?

Currently Direct People is active only in Noord Brabant, mainly north of Eindhoven. We have job offers in and around Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Helmond, Boxtel, Tilburg, and Best.

Q2: Do you provide accommodation?

No. Currently our job offers require you to have your own accommodation in the Netherlands.

Q3: Do you have job offers for couples?

No. At Direct People we treat everybody as an individual. We look at the skills, experience, preferences, and even personality to find a best matching job. It can happen that a couple will be placed in the same company, if they both fit the profile, but we cannot guarantee that a couple will still work the same shift or get holidays in the same time.

Q4: I am looking for work. How do I get in touch with Direct People?

Check our vacancies. If you find a vacancy that you like you can directly upload your CV via the website. Our recruiter will get in touch with you within 48h if your CV matches the requirements of the vacancy.

Q4: What does a recruitment process look like?

The recruitment process starts with your CV.
You can send it directly to a recruiter or upload it in response to one of our vacancies. Your CV is very important to us. Our recruiters use it to check if you are the right candidate, so make sure your CV is up to date and complete with your current address, contact details, experience, and skills.

If your CV is a match, a recruiter will call you and invite you for an intake.
During the first interview, we will have a chance to get to know you better, give you the details of the job offer, and answer your questions. In the end, a recruiter will ask you to complete a data questionnaire, so make sure you have your BSN number, your ID, and address details ready. The first intake usually takes place in our office in Flight Forum 840, Eindhoven.

After the intake, the recruiter will send your CV to our client company.
The company will decide if they want to invite you for the second interview. For you, it is a great opportunity to learn more about the company before you decide to take the job.

If the client likes you for the job, they let us know, and we let you know.
You don’t have to come to our office anymore. Direct People works with a work app. We ask you to download the app. We provide you with a unique login and password. Through the app you can sign required documents, and you are ready to work! If you want to know more about our app, please check Plan4Flex for Beginners.

Q5: What documents do I need to sign to start working with Direct People?

To start working with Direct People you need to sign 3 documents: Employment Contract, House Rules of Direct People, and a Confirmation of Secondment (confirmation of the employment in a client company). If you decide to use our health insurance, or work-related items (clothes, shoes, badges, chips, etc.), we will ask you to sign authorization documents, in which you give Direct People permission to take fees for the services from your wages. Additionally, most of our employers require you to sign their own House Rules or confidentiality agreements. You will receive and sign all the documents via our dedicated smartphone application.

Q6: What sort of employment contract do I sign with Direct People and what does it mean?

The contract you sign with Direct People is a Temporary Employment Contract in phase A with the exclusion of the provision on the temporary nature of employment. You sign a contract for a fixed period of time. This type of contract cannot be terminated anytime. The notice period for a contract with the exclusion of the provision on the temporary nature of employment is defined by Article 15 ABU CAO and not shorter than 7 calendar days. In case of sickness, an employee on a contract with the exclusion of the provision on temporary nature of employment will be paid from the second day of sickness till the end date of the contract.

Q7: When and how do I get paid?

At Direct People you get paid weekly on Fridays, but your wages are paid with 2-week delay. This means that if you start working in week 1, you will get paid for week 1 in week 3. If you start working in week 2, you will get paid for week 2 in week 4, etc. Please remember that after you quit working for Direct People you will still be receiving payment for 2 more weeks.