Wekelijkse betaling


8.33% vakantiegeld


25 vakantiedagen (bij fulltime contract)

Bring your friend !


Does that look nice ? Just some basic rules;

  • You work for our agency and bring a friend that also looks for a job;
  • Your friend needs to work at least 3 months for our agency;
  • In the time that your friend works for us, you also keep working for our agency; if you decide to quit, there is no right for a bonus anymore;
  • Your friend needs to start working between the 12th of May and the 6th of June;
  • Before the first interview with the recruiter, make sure all information (the address and email address of both of you) will be sent to marketing@directpeople.nl;
  • This does not apply to people already working for our agency;
  • After these three months you will get the bonus of € 100,- !