5 reasons to check out DDW

or Dutch Design Week

On Saturday, October 20th, the Dutch Design Week began in Eindhoven. DDW lasts 9 days, till the end of this weekend. According to the official Dutch Design Week site, Eindhoven is the largest design event in Northern Europe. During the event, over 2600 designers will present their works and concepts, and the event will be attended by over 335,000 guests from all over the world. DDW is a paid event, but it’s worth visiting, even if design or art are not in the very circle of your interests. Below are our 5 reasons why.

1. Discover art in daily life

Few of us have deep interest in art. Perhaps because art has little to do with our everyday life. Paintings or sculptures by famous artists are usually too abstract or simply too old to influence or change our lives. Design, however, is functional art. Something that combines beauty and aesthetics with functionality. The goal of design is to make our lives easier and our surroundings more beautiful. By visiting several exhibitions at DDW, you can see how beauty, functionality and innovation work together to improve our everyday experience. Maybe you can find inspiration in it to improve yourself or make your surroundings more attractive.

2. Discover interesting places related to the industrial history of Eindhoven

Eindhoven is not like Amsterdam or Utrecht with charming canals, old tenement houses, or churches towering above the city. This does not mean, however, that there is nothing to see. By visiting DDW locations, you have the chance to discover the industrial past and character of Eindhoven. Strijp-S, once an industrial park of Philips, currently a very popular district, is one of the interesting locations of DDW, with access to, for example, Klokgebouw, the studio of Piet Hein Eek, or the restaurant Het Ketelhuis. But DDW is also located in other interesting places, such as the house of Albert van Abbe, Design Perron, or Meklfabriek. It is worth taking advantage of the last nice days this year and take an unconventional walk around Eindhoven.

3. Have a look into the future

An important theme of the DDW is the impact technology has on our lives. This year you will be able to see exhibitions such as Robot Love, Home Smart Home, and Inter // Active Furniture Collection, which address topics of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and innovative mobile furniture. If you are curious about how our life may look in a few years, DDW can give you a few interesting ideas.

4. Get to know the soul of the city and its residents

Someone once wrote that Eindhoven is a city with the soul of a village. Life here flows differently than in urban Amsterdam or Utrecht. Eindhoven owes its growth and prosperity to Philips. Although Philips moved out, Eindhoven is still focused on technology, innovation, and design. These two things largely define this city and its inhabitants, for whom functionality and the simplicity of life are the most important.

5. DDW Music Festival

DDW is not only art and design, but also music. During the DDW Festival, you’ll be able to have fun and listen to music in many Eindhoven locations, from concert halls to old bars and pubs and an artistic atelier. This is a good way to end the day.


If you want to know more about DDW visit the official website of DDW. You will find there information about exhibitions, workshops, conferences, interactive performances, tickets and locations.