Safety at work during Corona

With this article, we would like to remind you about basic safety measures against Corona. The situation is new to all of us and we are still getting used to it. So it’s important to remember about a few small things that can make all the difference.

Keeping safe is a collective effort. It won’t work unless everybody participates. We ask you to be mindful of not only your own actions but also about the actions of your friends and colleagues. Do it in a kind way. Just let them know your life and health is important to you.

Keeping safe at work is not only important for personal health reasons. Under current lock-down rules, a Corona outbreak in a company can lead to serious consequences. You may not only get sick but also without a job if the company is closed down.


1. Keep distance – 1.5- meter

Keeping distance nowadays is not optional. If you are not sure 1.5 meters is two times an arm-length. At work, it’s important to keep the distance not only while working, but especially during breaks, in lunch areas, outside areas and changing or locker rooms.

2. Wash your hands

Do it as often as possible. It’s important that you wash your hands after going to the toilet, before eating or drinking anything. Make sure you wash spaces between your fingers and your thumbs. At work always dry your hands with a paper towel and throw it away.

3. When sick stay at home

Call in sick and stay at home, even if you have mild symptoms such as cold, temperature, cough, sore throat.

4. Practice new habits

When you are busy at work it’s easy to forget yourself. Try reminding yourself as often as you can about these simple rules.