Practical information about work, free-time, and all in between.

Welcome to our community pages. We created this page to help our temporary workers navigate a new life in a different country. Our community posts will also include advice on what to do in your free time, and how to understand the Dutch, their language, holidays, and institutions. Stay tuned for new posts, and if you have any comments let us know!

We strongly recommend to start with our Frequently Asked Questions posts: FAQ 1 and FAQ 2, where you will find the most important information about Direct People.

Sander van Dalen (

+31 6 31 91 75 64 in English or Dutch


Patrycja Wosik (

+31 6 51 18 10 08 in Polish, English or Dutch


Patrycja Ɓuczyszyn (

+31 6 38 33 05 21 in Polish or English


Elina Ikama (

+31 6 14 73 56 94 in Latvian, English, and Dutch

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Public Holidays in the Netherlands

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