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8.33% holiday allowance


25 paid holidays (if you work fulltime)

Information about the COVID-19 vaccination for you
10 Jun 2021
In the Netherlands, the COVID-19 vaccination process is in full swing. A COVID-19 vaccine will also be available for you if you are in the Netherlands for more than 4 weeks. We are happy to explain how the Dutch government will send you a vaccination call. This depends on your registration upon arri...
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Starting at Direct People
General – 10 Apr 2021
Are you looking for a job? Would you like to know more about Direct People, before you decide to apply for one of our jobs? We strongly encourage you to check the FAQ before you apply. At Direct People it is important for us that you know what you are getting into. We also believe that the more you ...
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Working at Direct People
News – 10 Apr 2021
Are you working for Direct People? We are happy you chose our job agency. Hopefully you have received all the important information during the recruitment process, but especially in the beginning some things can be unclear. Below you will find all the basics. If you have any other questions, you can...
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Salary slip
News – 08 Apr 2021
When I got my first Dutch payslip, I was confused: so many numbers, percentages, strange Dutch words and abbreviations. I did not know what was important, what was irrelevant and I could not figure out how much I will eventually get paid. Everyone who has worked in the Netherlands tried to figure o...
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Plan4Flex for beginners
General – 08 Apr 2021
At Direct People we want to keep all work related matters in one convenient place. And nowadays there is no better place than your mobile. You never part with it, you check it all the time, and it’s easy to use. For these reasons we work with a dedicated work app Plan4Flex, which covers everything...
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