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Information about the COVID-19 vaccination for you

10 Jun 2021

In the Netherlands, the COVID-19 vaccination process is in full swing. A COVID-19 vaccine will also be available for you if you are in the Netherlands for more than 4 weeks. We are happy to explain how the Dutch government will send you a vaccination call. This depends on your registration upon arrival in the Netherlands.

Registration in BRP: you will receive an invitation

Are you registered in the persons database (BRP)? In that case, you will receive an invitation from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) at your home address when it is your age group’s turn.

Registration in RNI with e-mail address: you will receive an e-mail

If you are listed in the Register of Non-Residents (RNI) and have provided your e-mail address, the government will send you a digital newsletter in various languages. This states when you can make an appointment (based on your year of birth) and how you can do this.

Registration in RNI without an e-mail address: you can call the GGD

As soon as it is your turn, you can make an appointment via the national telephone number of the municipal health service (GGD): 0800 7070. You can call between 8:00 and 20:00. Keep your citizen service number (BSN) to hand. The website of the central government explains which age groups are due. If you have a DigiD, you can also make an appointment online.

More information about COVID-19

Visit corona.steffie.nl for government information about COVID-19 and the vaccination. This information is available in various languages. General information about COVID-19 is also available on workinnl.nl. We trust this explains what to expect with regard to the COVID-19 vaccination. We hope you will enjoy working in the Netherlands, in good health!