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Plan4Flex for beginners

General – 08 Apr 2021

At Direct People we want to keep all work related matters in one convenient place. And nowadays there is no better place than your mobile. You never part with it, you check it all the time, and it’s easy to use. For these reasons we work with a dedicated work app Plan4Flex, which covers everything: signing and storing documents, sending and receiving messages, and work schedule. Plan4Flex app is part of your job. If you know how to use it, it will make your much life easier.

You will receive essential information about using Plan4Flex in the Welcome in Direct People email from your account manager. Your login and password will be there, as well as a short instructions how to download the app and sign documents. If you have never worked with such an app before it can be a lot to process. For this purpose we prepared for you a visual beginner’s guide to make your first steps into a new job less stressful.

ggl-app-store.png  ios-app-store.png