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News – 08 Apr 2021

When I got my first Dutch payslip, I was confused: so many numbers, percentages, strange Dutch words and abbreviations. I did not know what was important, what was irrelevant and I could not figure out how much I will eventually get paid.

Everyone who has worked in the Netherlands tried to figure out their payslip with various effects, but the ability to understand what happens with your money is important and necessary. Everyone has the right to know how much money they’ve earned, what amounts are deducted, and for what. Additionally, sometimes mistakes happen, so it is important to be able to detect and report these mistakes to the employment agency.

Below you’ll find a brief explanation of how to find the most important information on Direct People payslips. The payslip, which was used for this article, is an example, so it may not include all information that may be in your own payslip. This is a payslip for a person who works one shift, lives in private accommodation and has health insurance from a job agency.

  1. medew. nr
    your employee number.
  2. BSN
    unique identification number obligatory for all people living and working in NL.
  3. geb. datum
    date of birth.
  4. loontijdvak
    the name of the table that is used to calculate tax on your regular earnings.
  5. byz.tar%
    the percentage here is the amount of tax that will be taken from your holiday money or overtime.
  6. lhk and pns
    here you will check if you get discount on your tax (loonheffingskorting) and if you are already paying your future pension (pension). J=Ja (yes), N=Nee (no).
  7. verloonweek
    week number.
  8. min. uurl.
    minimum wage for people of your age.
  9. dlt%
    the amount of hours you work in a week in %. If you work full-time, dlt% will be 100.
  10. datum indienst
    the date you started working for us.
  11. datum uitdienst
    the date you stopped working for us (if applicable).
  12. functie
    description of your function.
  13. loonbeslag saldo
    if you have debts, a court can rule to pay off this debt from your salary. In loonbeslag saldo you can see how much of the debt you still need to pay.
  14. RC saldo
    the amounts that have been unpaid (negative balance) or overpaid (positive balance) by the employer, which must be settled on the next payment.
  15. vak. geld
    in this box you can check how much vakantie geld  (holiday money) you have built up. Saldo oud shows the status from the previous week. Opbouw is the amount built up that verloonweek. Opname is the amount paid out to the employee in a given week. Holiday money is paid out once a year in June (unless you quit before that in which case you will get the money with your final payslip). Saldo nieuw is the current balance of your holiday money.
  16. vak. dgn.
    In this box you can see how many paid vacation days you have currently right to.
  17. bw verlof
    extra vacation days defined in your CAO.
  18. SVW dagen
    number of normal working days for a given function. In this case, it is 5 days.
    gewerkte dagen
    number of days you worked in the given week.
    normale uren
    the number of regular hours you worked in the week for which you get paid your basic pay. In this payslip there are 40 hours paid 100%.
    the number of overtime hours you worked in the week. In this payslip there are 6 overtime hours paid 125%.
    In case you work shifts, you can also see toeslaguren on your payslip. These are the hours with shift allowance.  If you go on paid vacation, there will also be some uitbetaalde vakantieuren on your payslip.
  19. loonheffing
    This is the amount deducted from your pay including income tax and social insurance.
  20. belast vlgs tabel
    tax amount calculated on the basis of tax table defined in box no. 4.
  21. belast vlgs byzt
    tax amount calculated on the basis of byz. tar% defined in no. 5.
  22. netto
    your net pay after the tax is deducted.
  23. reiskosten
    refund of travel costs. On the pay slip you can see for how many days you get the travel costs and a rate depending on the employer.
  24. inh. zorgverzegering
    if you have health insurance by your employer, the fixed amount will be deducted from your each payment.
    inhouding WHK
    is a small premium that the employer pays for the future benefits of the employee.
  25. totaal netto
    the final amount that will be transferred to your bank account.
  26. cumulatiev
    In this table you will see the cumulative amounts from the current year.