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8.33% holiday allowance


25 paid holidays (if you work fulltime)

Orderpicker (English, Polish)
Logistics Fulltime, Dayshift Waalwijk € 12.19 - € 14.73 per hour 155 - 161
The company

Our client has been a logistics partner and platform for many renowned (frozen) food producers, sales organizations, purchasing organizations and retailers for decades. They take care of the storage and transport of frozen food products to the food service, retail and wholesale markets throughout the Netherlands.

Their logistical strength is the starting point; our knowledge, experience and network within the food sector form an enormous added value. With a full-service package they occupy a unique position in the market. From a total vision, they help their partners to increase their success and turnover.

What will you be doing?

As an Order Collector your working day starts at 07:00 in the morning. But even before you start your workday you have put on your work clothes and, while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, you have a chat with your colleagues.

When you arrive at the (frozen) warehouse, there is a brief meeting with the Flow or Floor manager. During this meeting, the expected workload and planning for that day are discussed. Then you grab the voice terminal with headset and log in with your personal login code. Using an electric pallet truck, you then immediately start picking orders. When the order is complete, you make sure it is sealed and put in the right place so it can be loaded into the truck later that day. Throughout the day you will process various orders and you will ensure, together with your colleagues, that at the end of the day all of our customers' orders are ready for transport.

Job requirements

You will spend most of the day working in the cold store at a temperature of approximately -22 degrees. To be able to defy this temperature they will provide you with special thermal clothing, but it is important that you are someone who is not afraid of this cold and who knows how to tackle it!

Within the warehouse you will work closely with your colleagues, together you are responsible for ensuring that the logistics process runs smoothly. We therefore ask that you can work independently as well as in a team, have a customer-oriented and proactive attitude and work accurately. We also ask for a certain degree of flexibility and stress-resistance to handle the dynamics of the logistics industry. Order picking by means of a voice terminal is possible in three languages, in Dutch, English and Polish.

What we offer you
  • Salary of € 12.19 per hour (including bonuses and vacation pay)
  • A great position in an innovative and dynamic family business;
  • A contract for 12 months, if functioning well it will be extended indefinitely;
  • A freezing bonus of € 31,97 gross per 4 weeks and a freezing bonus of € 3,- net per day when you have worked 4 hours or more that day;
  • Pension plan and a WGA gap insurance;
  • Travel allowance from 10 km one way, with a max of € 11,40.

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