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Operator metal industry
Production Fulltime, Dayshift, Evening/nightshift Oirschot € 12.78 per hour 221 - 259
The company

This company is specialized in treatments and, if required, cleanroom packaging of parts since 1986. Since 1997, they also developed further as a specialist in the field of cleaning and cleanroom packaging. 

From the outset, they have focused on treating high-quality products, where high demands are placed on the visual and functional quality of the surface treatment. Gradually, the product range has been expanded to include, for example, pickling / passivation of titanium, and glass bead blasting and laser engraving. 

What will you be doing?

We are looking for a metal surface treatment operator. In the role of operator, you are responsible for handling various metal products. These can be different treatments, for example: anodizing, hard anodizing, chromating, pickling and passivation. On the basis of the customer specific request, you get to work and make sure that the product gets the right surface treatment.

  • Clamp the parts according to the supplied drawings;
  • Immerse the parts in the baths according to the procedures laid down;
  • Carry out intermediate checks to check layer thickness;
  • Blow the parts clean with an air gun;
  • Check whether the process has been carried out in accordance with the order;
  • Discuss the progress with the production manager after each work phase;
  • Coordinate work with colleagues.
Job requirements
  • A minimum of a VMBO diploma is preferred.
  • Has fluent spoken and written English in connection with safety
  • Can work independently and has accuracy, work insight and a flexible attitude, no 9 to 5 mentality.
What we offer you
  • Nice working environment;
  • Good salary;
  • Shift allowance of 7%, Sundays 200% and overtime 150%.

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