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25 paid holidays (if you work fulltime)

Lasser Mig/Mag Niveau 2
Technical Fulltime Liessel € 2.400 - € 2.900 per month 410 - 608
Technical Fulltime Liessel € 2.400 - € 2.900 per month 410 - 608
The company

Job purpose:

The (steel) welder independently constructs construction parts, sheet metal parts, etc. within a team from supplied parts according to drawings, and performs the finishing of the weld himself.

Place in the organisation:

he (steel) welder is part of the steel construction department and works under the direction of the foreman or foreman.

What will you be doing?

Independent preparation, welding and finishing of parts/structures.

- Modification of structural parts by applying various separating (e.g. grinding), joining (e.g. welding, screwing), machining (e.g. sawing, drilling) and forming (e.g. bending, setting) techniques.

- The welder performs his work correctly and safely based on welding drawings, parts lists and verbal instructions.

- Measuring and checking machined/made parts.

- Pointing out errors on drawings or parts.

- Co-responsibility for the final result of the product.

Job requirements

ny years of relevant work experience as a Mig/mag welder. (minimum level 2)

- Has sufficient technical and spatial insight and a general knowledge of products and materials, where reading technical drawings is not a problem.

- Ability to work from a pre-structured work plan and work drawings

- Has sufficient degree of independence, working safely, sense of responsibility, accuracy and diligence, flexibility and teamwork.

- Is experienced to work safely with lifting and transport equipment.

- Has a high degree of quality awareness.

- Has a positive attitude and solution-oriented work ethic

What we offer you

A great job as a Steel Welder in a nice company with future prospects
A nice salary
Travel expenses of € 0.21 per km according to company regulations

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