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8.33% holiday allowance


25 paid holidays (if you work fulltime)

Production Operator Helmond € 14,57 per hour 420 - 621
Production Operator Helmond € 14,57 per hour 420 - 621
The company

  • An Operator B is responsible for ensuring that his assigned production line(s) are deployed as optimally as possible and that both quality and quantity are produced according to the standard.
  • The Operator B can be deployed on several production lines/machines in the department.
  • Enforcement of quality and safety regulations is a requirement here.

What will you be doing?

- Setting machine to required values.
- Monitoring production progress and starting and closing orders in systems.
- Changing packaging materials for the next order.
- Anticipating process and product deviations and escalating to Operator C or Team Leader where necessary.
- Performing metal detection tests and other quality registrations.
- Checking and adjusting automated processes where necessary.
- Ensuring that set standards regarding quality systems and Hessing house rules are observed.
- Keeping production lines clean and tidy during the production process.
- Setting up and rebuilding equipment/machines.
- Registering process and production data of the lines.
- Handing over at line level to the next shift.
- Is responsible for the order and tidiness (5S) of the lines.
- Is actively aware of production planning and monitors line progress;
- Instructing and supervising employees on the lines.
- Compliance with (Food Defense) measures for the integrity of raw materials and finished products.

Job requirements

Job requirements:

  • - MBO 2/3 working and/or thinking level.
  • - Relevant knowledge or work experience in a similar position.
  • - Command of the Dutch and/or English language in word.
  • - Knowledge of HACCP and BRC.
  • - Masters all the tasks of an Operator A.
  • - Is technically literate (feeling for IT systems).


  • - Safety awareness: Is aware of safety risks and works in accordance with the safety guidelines in force.
  • - Quality-oriented: Making high demands on the Quality of products and services and acting accordingly.
  • - Conscientiousness: Show commitment to agreements made.
  • - Cooperation: Contributing effectively to a common goal in cooperation with others.
  • - Flexibility: Ability to change own behaviour or approach to achieve a set goal.
  • - Accuracy: Effective handling of detailed data and consistent attention to detail.
  • - Result-oriented: Aiming to achieve targets and results, showing perseverance in the face of setbacks.
  • - Performance under pressure: Continue to perform effectively under high work pressure, setbacks or disappointment.
  • - Initiative: Seeing opportunities and taking action.
  • - Delegating: Transfer work to others in an understandable, structured and controllable way.

What we offer you

  • A nice responsible job at a nice growing company in Helmond.
  • In the course of the year, the company will move to Venlo
  • A good salary, Function group D) € 14,47 per hour
  • Allowances for working in shifts

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