Agrita and Juris

Orderpickers at Service Best

With pleasure, we want to introduce you to Agrita and Juris. We decided to choose a couple to show you that being a couple can sometimes be a good thing.

Juris and Agrita at Service Best with Emily, their account manager (in the middle)


Emily, the Account Manager for Service Best, describes Agrita and Juris

It’s a couple in mind that I am very pleased with.
They came to the Netherlands together and work for me at Service Best.
They used to live in our accommodation and are now completely settled in the Netherlands within a year.
Own house, plans for the future.
I am very proud of them!
Never ill, never complain, behave very correctly. I can always rely on them to do what we agree on.

We asked Agrita and Juris about their experience in the Netherlands, their work at Service Best, and their plans for their future.

We also asked them for advice on how to find an apartment in the Netherlands, so read on if you are curious!

Why did you come to the Netherlands?

Work culture and economic situation. You can ear better here than in Latvia. And also the work culture is better. Nobody feels better than you. People are friendly, open, and helpful.

What is your advice for people who are trying to rent an apartment in the Netherlands?

First of all, save money. You need money to pay the rent and the deposit, so without money, it’s not possible. And then just look everywhere, Pararius, Funda, makelaars. We responded to a lot of advertisements and sent a lot of emails. It is not complicated. We just said we are a couple looking for an apartment, and we got lucky because we found something very quickly.

Tell us more about your work at Service Best

We are orderpickers and we collect orders for shops, other companies, and private clients. Service Best is all about car and bicycle accessories, so we collect fragrances for cars, bicycle tires, covers for cars and things like that. We get a box with a label. You scan the label and you see the location of items you have to pick. That’s it. We do have targets, and all the orders for a given day have to be completed before the pick-up time, but it’s not stressful. If you are not lazy and have some brains, you can make it easily. The only thing about this work is that you have to walk a lot. That’s something you have to get used to.

What’s your advice for people coming to work in the Netherlands?

Do your best at work. Get stability so you get paid regularly. Once you have money, it gets easier. You can rent a place and start living. But money is important. Also, be aware of the possibilities in the Netherlands. It may take you some time before you find what you like, but stay positive and you will find it.


We are happy that Agrita and Juris found what they like with Direct People. Thank you once again for working with us!