Production Employee at RPI Europe

With pleasure, we want to introduce you to Ana. Ana has worked for a year and a half and she has proven that even a temporary job offers possibilities of development if you are motivated, ambitious, and organized enough to take advantage of the opportunities. Ana participated in the Dutch course, we met her at our employees’ parties, and at our client, RPI, she first became a cell leader of one of the departments, and now she is training to become a print operator. She is proof that even as a temporary employee you can grow professionally and personally.

Ana employee of RPI

Ana in front of a digital printer she is currently learning to operate.

We asked Ana to tell us about herself, her reasons to come to the Netherlands and how she got to this point in life.

Why did you come to the Netherlands?

“Back in Portugal I worked in tourism for 22 years, but then the crisis came and I was one of the first ones to get fired because I worked for a long time and was expensive for the company. I tried to look for a different job, but wages in Portugal are not very good, so I googled ‘work abroad,’ and the Netherlands was the first result. I was in Amsterdam before, 15 years ago as a tourist, and I liked it a lot. The people were very friendly and helpful. I felt comfortable there, so I decided to come, and in August 2018 I started work at RPI.”

What have you done at RPI so far?

“In the beginning, I was making wall canvas. I liked the job because it was clean and the photographs for the canvas were always interesting. In January 2019 I become a cell leader for the canvas. It means I was responsible for checking mistakes, helping my colleagues solve problems, communicating with the supervisor, and printing labels for shipping. ”

Do you have to be bossy to be a cell leader?

No. I don’t believe so. You have to be an organized, open, and helpful person and a good listener. If people trust you, they will respect you. I don’t think bossy is the way.

How and why did you decide to become a print operator?

RPI posted the vacancy in the canteen and on the work floor. Everybody could apply. I think it’s a good opportunity, even though it’s a challenge. I am looking for more stability and this is how I can get it. And I like working here in a good atmosphere where everybody can depend on everybody. My supervisor, Margo, is nice and helpful. She teaches me a lot but is also open to ideas if I have any.

What advice do you have for people who want to achieve something more working in the Netherlands?

Be demanding with yourself. Work hard, be punctual, be helpful, smile, and talk to people. Make connections. Sometimes it’s difficult because everybody has a bad day once in a while, but this is what it takes.


Thank you, Ana! We are happy you’ve been working with us and we wish you lots of success in your life!

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