Logistics Employee bij Nisbets

With pleasure we want to introduce you to Artur. Artur has worked with us for 3 years and throughout this time he has been a model employee: organized, independent, flexible and, most importantly, extremely reliable. Our account managers and clients could always rely on Artur being on time and ready to do his job well, whatever it was.

Artur is in the middle between his account manager Carlo on the right and his team leader at Nisbets Martijn.

We are very happy that Artur has found his place at Nisbets and that his great attitude and work earned him the appreciation from our client. You is a keeper. At Nisbets he is not just a regular production worker, but a jack of all trades. He can fix things that are not working properly, he can pick and pack, and, if necessary, help his teammates. Artur is very humble and not a great talker, but he is a strong member of the team, and we and his colleagues can always rely on him.

Thank you Artur for working with us!

We asked Artur what keeps him motivated:

I want to do my job well. When I start working somewhere I try to learn first, to understand what I am going to do. I take it slowly in the beginning. I would rather do something slowly and well than fast and make mistakes. Even jobs that seem simple require attention, focus, learning. I see my new colleagues trying to do their job as fast as possible, but if they don’t pay enough attention they make mistakes. So in the end everything takes more time. Just follow the rules and you cannot go wrong.

I like it here at Nisbets. This company has nice atmosphere. People are helpful and open for questions. Here the quality is more important than speed so I feel good here.  

But I always try to find good things in the job I am doing. I used to work with flowers. I was afraid it would be heavy work, but it turned out it was very nice to work outside. It was in spring and summer, and the weather was nice. I wasn’t even so tired.

What advice does Artur have for people coming to work in the Netherlands?

Get some work experience before you come. If you have never done any work before, it will be a difficult experience for  you. If does not matter what work experience you have, but working is a skill that you have to develop. I see people coming to work straight from school. It’s difficult for them. They feel lost.

What does Artur do in his free time?

Í plan my free time. I like to visit places. I like riding a bike. It helps me relax and it’s a great way to see the real Netherlands, to see how people live.


That’s Artur for you. We admire his attitude of gratitude, his inner peace, his down-to-earth, no nonsense approach to work, life, and the meaning of life.  We wish him all the best!