Electronics Assembler at Prodrive

With pleasure we want to introduce you to Caio. Caio started as a simple production employee at our sister organization Progress, and lived in the job agency accommodation, but he managed to find his own private accommodation and got hired as an electronics assembler. We believe such an achievement required discipline, good planning and organization, as well as initiative and courage on your side. Caio has never missed a day at work, we had a pleasure to meet him during our events for temporary employees, and he graduated from the Dutch course.

Employee of the month Direct People

On the left Caio with our recruiter and substitute account manager for Prodrive Gabriela

We consider Caio an exemplary employee: ambitious, driven, reliable, and involved.

Recently a team leader from Prodrive called us asking for more employees like Caio. We consider this the greatest compliment an employee can get.
We asked Caio to tell us how he got to this point in life. He gave us a lot of interesting advice on how to be happy in the Netherlands, how to become a valued employee and how to achieve success if you have to start from scratch in a new country.

Here is what Caio likes about living in the Netherlands

“I live in a small town, Sint-Oedenrode. Even though I come from Sao Paulo, which as city of 12 mil people, I enjoy small-town life so much more. In Sao Paulo, you rarely see the same person twice. Here everybody knows each other, smiles, and says hello. Every once in a while there are some fairs, events, or festivala in my town, and you get to know people.

People are definitely the best thing about the Netherlands. Their food is not so good, their weather is even worse, but people are great, open, helpful, and happy. If I had a lot of money I would buy a camper and travel the world, just like they do.”

How to get along with Dutch people?

“It definitely helps to be Brazilian. When I tell people I come from Brazil they are often interested and want to hear about my country, especially the Carnival. But the most important thing is to be true to yourself and not pretend to be someone else. Dutch people can see when you are being fake and they don’t like it.“

Caio has flawless work history with no absences except for vacation and holidays. That’s really impressive. How does he find the motivation to get up and go to work every day?

“I want to be useful. I want to contribute to the society. I feel like not doing anything, being useless is selfish. I want to make myself better and build my future. Work is a part of that.”

One of the things you immediatelly notice about Caio are his tattoos and you cannot help by wonder what they mean and why he has so many.

“I have so many tattoos because after you make on, it’s impossible to stop. I like to get a tattoo every time something important happens in my life. I moved a lot in my life, and I have tattoos from many places, but I haven’t gotten any in the Netherlands yet.”

That’s Caio for you. No matter what happens he keeps his positive attitude and never misses an opportunity to learn something and be useful. He’s just himself, because in the Netherlands that’s often enough.

Thanks Caio! We wish all your dreams to come true!