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Jarosław works for us as a welder in Power Piping, a company that specializes in the production of pipes and pipe systems from various materials for various applications. Jaroslaw has a rich work and life experience, having worked not only in the Netherlands but also in Australia, Germany, Belgium, and Greece. We are really happy that he found a satisfying and rewarding job through Direct People that fits his skills and where he feels appreciated.

Jarosław at his work station at Power Piping with his Account Manager Emily

If you want to know more what it is like to work at Power Piping as a welder, check his story! He knows because he has been working with us since September 2019.


Before I started working I had to pass a test. The company obviously wanted to check my welding skills, before they decided to hire me. For me, it was a good sign, because I like to do my job well and I was happy to see that accuracy and quality is also important for the company.

My working days here are relatively the same. I have my own working space where I can work safely. A colleague delivers elements on a pallet. The elements are already assembled, but I have to weld them. There is a lot of work here, and it has to be done properly, so I am never bored.

I appreciate the work atmosphere here. I am not the youngest, and I did experience some age discrimination before, but here nobody asks me how old I am. At Power Piping your skills, quality of work, and attitude are the most important. That suits me. And I don’t even speak Dutch. I want to learn though.

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