Facility Employee at Prodrive

Katarina because is a wholesome person with a healthy attitude towards work and life that makes her both a reliable employee and a wonderful colleague. Katarina has worked with us since June 2018. Hired as a Facility Employee for Prodrive, Katarina was one of very few people who kept working at the client even during the chaos caused by the fire in December 2018. Katarina simply could not be missed. It’s a proof of appreciation and trust our client has for her. No wonder there are rumours about Katarina getting a contract sometime soon.

Katarina is in the middle between her Account Manager Izabella on the left and Community Manager Barbara on the right.

How does Katarina do it?

According to Katarina, it is very simple: “I always want to do things fast and well at work,” and “you just need to smile and be nice.”

Katarina is a person full of good vibes and you can feel them the moment you sit next to her. She does a great job making sure other employees in the company work and eat in a clean and nice environment, and she has a smile and a kind word for everybody.

Here is what she told us about coming to the Netherlands for work from Slovakia:

I didn’t feel so good in the beginning. I was afraid to go out or talk to people. I came here with my husband and we lived in Amsterdam first. I worked a little as an order picker. It was ok, but I wanted a job in 1 shift only. Then we moved to Eindhoven and I found this job offer on Facebook. I like it here. Eindhoven is much more peaceful than Amsterdam. I made a lot of friends. I learnt Polish. I am lucky, because the person I work with every day, Anita, has become my best friend. I am currently organizing a bachelorette party for her. During the weekends I go see places with my husband in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. Life is good. Also, my husband is so much better at cleaning and cooking than I am, so I don’t even have to do it at home.

My dreams for the future? Own apartment, a nice savings account, and learning Dutch. I have already bought a dictionary.

That’s Katarina for you. She came to the Netherlands. She got a job and she got a life that she is happy with. If that is not the definition of success then we do not know what is.

Thank you, Katarina for inspiring us. We wish for all your dreams to come true. And have fun at the bachelorette party!