Electronics Assembler at Prodrive

With pleasure, we want to introduce you to Liva. Liva works at Prodrive and she is a model employee. She has been working for us not even for a year and has already achieved a lot. Thanks to her excellent attitude and ambition she has become a valuable asset for our client. She makes us proud and we want to tell her story as an example for everybody who wants to follow in her footsteps!

Liva (on the left) with our Community Manager Barbara (on the right) in a very nice and new canteen at Prodrive.

Liva is much appreciated by her supervisors in the System Assembly and her account manager at Direct People, Izabella, who sees her as a very motivated, ambitious, and engaged person who always gives and does her best. Throughout your employment, Liva has managed to gain knowledge and expertise that makes her a valuable asset for the client and a go-to person for her colleagues.

We asked Liva to tell us her story to find out where she started and how she got to this very point in life.

How and why did you come to the Netherlands?

I came here because of my friends. It was in a different part of the Netherlands. They helped me find my first job in a food processing plant. But then I found the job at Prodrive and moved here.

Do you remember your first day at Prodrive?

It felt like rocket science in the beginning. My eyes were big all the time, but I was really interested in how things are built so it was fun.

So what do you actually do at work?

It’s not easy to explain what I do at work, especially to older people. If an older person asks me what I do, I say that I build computers. To younger people I say that I assemble the things that are inside your TVs, but that’s also not exactly like this. It’s a much higher level. We build big closets, servers that operate other machines.

I work in the system assembly department and I like it. There is a lot of variety of work. I worked for a short time at the high volume department, but that was less interesting, because you do a lot of the same thing all day.

When work becomes easy, I don’t feel good about it. I want it to be a challenge for me.

What is your goal?

My goal is to become a lead technician. I’ve already learned visual inspection. It was the first step. I was doing it for 6 months and I really learned a lot. But then I started to feel uneasy because I have learned everything there is to learn in this position so I talked to my team leader and we decided on following steps. I am learning quality inspection now and later non-conforming goods. Every step means more responsibility. Non-conforming goods, for example, can decide to stop the whole production if the quality of the product is not satisfactory.

What is your advice for people who are just starting to work here?

It’s better to ask for help than to make mistakes. That’s what my mentor told me when I started working here. I also ask for help a lot. And I like when others ask for my help. I like to help them become better employees.

Are you planning to stay in the Netherlands?

I do miss home. I miss my family, but it’s a 1.5h flight and it’s not expensive, so my plan is to stay.

Thank you, Liva for sharing with us and we hope you can achieve all your goals and ambitions. We hope that you can always find new challenges for yourself at work and never get bored!


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