Orderpicker at Prins

With pleasure, we want to introduce you to Monika. Monika has worked for one of our clients for over two years. Recently she has been offered a direct employment contract.

Monika is in the middle, with Barbara, the community manager, on her right, and Emily, the account manager, on her left.

The client gave us the following reasons why they want to keep Monika as a permanent employee:

Monika is a very driven person and takes her work very seriously. She is involved in the work process, comes up with ideas to improve it, and can think outside the box. Monika takes responsibility for her work and sometimes even volunteers to do overtime to get her job done. She is also very enthusiastic about learning Dutch in her free time. On the other hand Monika is a really friendly person, extremely open and honest. She brightens our workplace with her jokes and contagious laughter.
We asked Monika to tell us how she got to this point in life and how she feels about it. She said many kind words about working for Progress we were very happy to hear, but also about her own experience in the Netherlands.

Here is what Monika said about coming to the Netherlands

“I was supposed to come for three months only. I just broke up with my boyfriend and needed a change. But then I met my current boyfriend and we have been together ever since. I am lucky that I have been working for the same client since almost the very beginning. For a very short time in the beginning I worked in this company where everybody works in those white coats, but it was too sterile, to organized and didn’t suit my personality. Right here I feel good and I am happy I could work here for such a long time.”

Cycling or Driving in the Netherlands?

“I used to cycle a lot, because I didn’t have a driving license. Progress helped me a lot with transportation to work for such a long time, but then my team leader lost patience, gave me 4 weeks of holidays and told me not to go back without a driving license. I got it and I am very happy with it, so now I drive all the time.“

Learning Dutch according to Monika:

“I wish I had started as soon as I came to the Netherlands, but back then I thought I will come back to Poland so I didn’t want to waste my time. One of my colleagues motivated me to start learning, and I decided to join a course organized by Progress. And then I joined another course organized by Progress, so in total I got two Dutch courses. Now I am planning to start another course on my own. I also listen to the Dutch radio a lot when I drive to work. I like commercials. They are so easy to understand and remember.

I also speak Dutch a lot. Somehow I prefer to say something in Dutch with mistakes and let others correct me than in English. So far I have found Dutch people very helpful, even those I don’t know.

About her hopes and dreams for the future:

“I just wish for my family and siblings to be healthy. That’s most important for me.”
That’s Monika for you. She does know how to enjoy her achievements and small life pleasures, like driving a car. We congratulate her on getting her driving license, and graduating form two Dutch courses. Monika is a proof that small steps can get you really far if you are willing to take them!