3043 Allround logisitics employee

What are you going to do?

You will work in the warehouse, because in the beginning of 2021 all activities will be moved from Venray to Helmond. At the moment there is a team working on making everything ready for the move.

For this purpose we are looking for an all-round warehouse employee who will complement this team. The activities are very diverse, so every day is different! Among other things, a completely new picking system has been built, which of course needs to be tested. Also, everything needs to be fully equipped until the entire move is finished. Of course you will join your new colleagues after the move, so this is a job for a longer period of time.

Your work starts in the day shift, from 08.00-17.00 hours. When the move has taken place, the work will be done in two shifts. From then on you will work from 05.45-14.45 and 15.15-00.15. This will be approximately from January/February.

Working as a warehouse employee for this project is a responsible job, but never at the expense of safety!

Where are you going to work ?

The company is at the forefront of the digital transformation of energy management and automation. Whether it is about providing solutions that contribute to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, to literally get the most out of people’s energy. V

You want to work in Helmond (20 km from Eindhoven) because during your breaks you can first buy a fresh sandwich in the canteen and then beat up your colleague with a game of table soccer.

You work with both Dutch and English speaking colleagues, so good for your language skills.

Who are you?

You are motivated to work hard, are precise and like to work independently. In addition, you want to develop within the company and you find it important to work collegially with each other.

Does this describe you and do you meet the following conditions?

  • Fulltime available in daytime shift
  • Dutch and/or English speaking
  • When the move has started, you have to work in 2 shifts (05.45-14.45 and 15.15-00.15).
  • No vacations planned until 31-01-2021

What can you expect?

A job for a longer period of time where you can develop within the company. Within the company there are always opportunities to grow or obtain a diploma. Last year, a number of employees even graduated in Logistics Employee level 2.

What do we offer you?

  • A salary of €11.13 gross per hour. With an irregularity surcharge of 125% after 18.00 hours and 150% after 20.00 hours.
  • Travel allowance from 10 km.
  • In addition to your salary you will receive a quarterly bonus, this bonus depends on the quality delivered by your team.
  • Training of an experienced trainer before you start working.
  • A collegial team.

Deadline applications: 14-1-2021

Type of employment: Fulltime

Salary: €11,13 per hour

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